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Roger Abrantes is particularly known for his meticulous approach to the study of behavior with concise definitions and logically sound argumentation; for his view on social behavior and its application to the understanding of pet behavior; and for his purposeful working methods, a functional merging of Ethology and Behaviorism. He is the creator of SMAF, an artificial programming language to describe learning processes accurately.

Before he retired in 2016, he lectured in ethology, animal learning, and epistemology (theory of knowledge), and worked with dogs, horses, cats, wolves, foxes, Guinea pigs, and the Giant Gambian Pouched Rats (he instructed and certified Apopo’s landmine-detecting rats). He also trained and certified ART’s (Alpine Rescue Team, Switzerland) SAR teams. He was an instructor at CNCA (California Narcotic Canine Association, USA), and a special advisor for the GNR (Special National Police Force, Portugal), and took part in various marine environmental management projects (he is a certified Divemaster, Rescue Diver, and Sea Captain). He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the DHVE (Germany), and a WEN (Wild Equus Netwwork) Science Ambassador. In 2018, he was induced in the IACT International Hall of Fame.

Even though retired, he continues to be active, now focusing on the philosophical aspects of evolutionary biology, writing articles and blogs, and occasionally lecturing online.